Di Fara’s Closed by the DOH…Again

Monday, November 21st, 2011

If you follow the Di Fara’s Facebook page, you’re familiar with the occasional status update that says the popular pizza place will be closed for one reason or another. Last week, one such message went up, but an update added that it was because of “a glitch in some paperwork beaurocracy [sic] with the new grading system … I will need about 24 to 48 hrs to resolve.”

According to the Department of Health website, Di Fara’s was shut down last Wednesday, November 16, after an inspection racked up 67 violation points. Violations include evidence of mice, flies, and inadequate personal cleanliness.

You may recall the last time Di Fara’s was closed by the DOH in 2007, after having failed five of its previous six inspections.

So many customers are incredibly loyal, and this news won’t keep them away. What do you think–does closure by the DOH make you think twice about eating there?

- Mary

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