NYPD Spying on Muslim Associations at Brooklyn College

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Following reports that the NYPD has been sending undercover officers into Muslim neighborhoods, documents have been uncovered that say the spying extends into schools and student groups.

Though the police department denies it, NYPD Confidential has documents that show they had been monitoring Muslim Student Associations at seven New York City colleges, including Brooklyn College.

Now members of the Brooklyn College community have started an online petition to “oppose the presence of the NYPD and affiliated agencies engaged in covert surveillance activities on our campus and call upon the Brooklyn College Administration to issue their own statement opposing these practices in the name of the safety of students, the safety of the faculty, and the principle of academic freedom.”

The petition currently has 227 signatures.

We’ve reached out to the Islamic Society and professors at Brooklyn College to get a feeling about the current mood on campus, but have not heard back. Are any of you students or faculty at the school–if so, what has your reaction been, and what’s the general feeling at the start of this new semester?

- Mary

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