Brooklyn Seniors vs. Reporters at Weiner Resignation

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned today at a senior center on the Midwood-Gravesend line, and you can read about what he said, well, everywhere.

The local scene was total mayhem, however. The line for the press and citizens for Weiner’s resignation at the senior center was the same, and very long. One member of the press complained “There’s no letting us in early? Why is he making us wait?”

Weinerreg 001

The seniors, trapped, got questions from the trapped reporters.  One asked “Is Weiner’s resignation interrupting your day? Are you annoyed at him for that?” and the gentleman replied with “No, I want to support him.” Another asked “Do you think Weiner should donate to your center, since he’s used it for political reasons?” The senior replied “You should be donating to our center, as you’re being paid to be here.” Another reporter told a different senior that Weiner disgraced himself, and the senior replied “You’d do the same thing.”

Weinerreg 002

However, their finest moment came when a heckler from the Howard Stern show started yelling obscene questions, and a senior woman replied “”He just wants to be on the camera, he’s ugly!”

Weinerreg 004

Weiner exited rather quickly through the back door. A group of seniors were sitting near that exit, since they’d been there for lunch and had a great spot. When the press tried to follow his rush out, they pushed into the seniors, which earned the ire of one of the center’s employee’s – “Don’t you see the seniors? What’s wrong with you?”

A final grumble: News van, parked illegally in the bus stop:

Weinerreg 005

- Sarah

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisanne001 Lisanne!

    Good for you, you caught the story behind the story.

  • Test

    Brooklyn seniors 1 reporters 0.

  • Dgherbst

    Type your comment here.I saw you on Channel 2 News!

  • http://twitter.com/pastorkevin52 Kevin McGill

    These press people are about making news instead of reporting it. They were attempting to drum up anger with the seniors over Anthony Weiner, and it backfired. Thanks for reporting this.

  • dmv-steve

    Don’t forget to mention the NYPD Traffic Agents ALSO illegally parked in the bus-stop, breaking the law as well as neglecting to ticket the news van doing the same.

  • Katahdin

    Weiner should simply run in the special election. Let the people decide if they want him to represent them.