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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Librarian Alycia Sellie is setting up the Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection, which sounds like it should be pretty great:

Our collection primarily consists of:

(1) Print zines. This is a print zine collection, and thus no e-zines or online materials are accepted as part of the collection at this time.

(2) Zines that are connected to Brooklyn, support the interests of the students at Brooklyn College, or would support the curriculum of Brooklyn College.

(3) Zines made by Brooklyn College students or alumni–any zine made by our students or alumni will be accepted into the collection (regardless of where it was created or any connections to Brooklyn).

(4) Zines about zines, zine-making and zine culture.

There are just a handful of other zine libraries in New York City, including ones at ABC No Rio and Barnard College, so this is a welcome addition for anyone who enjoys homemade magazines. The zines will be part of a browse-able collection, accessible whenever the library is open.

If you’re interested in submitting something, contact:

Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection
attn: Alycia Sellie
2900 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11210
718-758-8217; asellie@brooklyn.cuny.edu

- Mary

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